About Us

Back in the early 50’s, Damon and Charlotte Holmes opened up Fairview Inn, a family owned restaurant on the edge of Comfort. The restaurant quickly became a hit with locals and visitors alike. A couple of years later they moved to a new location in town near the Cypress Creek. The name was changed to Cypress Creek Inn.

Through the years many Comfort residents and family members have worked at the restaurant. After Mr. Holmes passed away in the late 80’s, Mrs. Holmes decided to run the place herself with help from supportive family members and devoted employees.

Charlotte Holmes sold the business in the mid 90’s to one of her employees and the location of the business was moved a couple of blocks up the highway, but this time the name was retained.

Cypress Creek Inn Restaurant has evolved, but has tried to remain true to the original concept: Serving home cooked meals at reasonable prices in a family style atmosphere.

Some of the original customers still dine at the restaurant and are sometimes joined by their children and grandchildren. Word of mouth is our best form of advertising. New customers soon become regulars.

After selling the business, Charlotte Holmes would come in on a regular basis with her family. Cypress Creek Inn was still her favorite place to eat. She recently passed away and we will always treasure the memories. She was a great boss, a wonderful friend and a grandmother figure to many of us. We will especially remember her when we cook one of her recipes, which is daily.

Cypress Creek Inn is the longest operating restaurant in Comfort and we are proud of it. The food is always consistent because most of the cooking has been done by the same person for 20 years!

On your next trip to Comfort, stop by and dine with us.

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